It all starts with a young father’s love for beauty and his overall exquisite taste. The year is 1976. Otto Brinkmann introduces his little girl to the wonders of craftsmanship. She watches in awe as he builds a model boat from a piece of wood or knots a wool pillow. He is the driving aesthetic force of the family, furnishing their home with vintage Persian rugs.

The girl grows into a woman with a taste for traveling, hungry to explore the world. In the creative footsteps of her father, she tries her hand at painting, sculpting and even goldsmithing. Nothing really sticks. Until one day she finds herself visiting London’s Leighton House and is struck by this private palace of art, born from the provocative Aesthetic Movement and their love for Oriental design. The idea for M&Otto Design is sown right there and then.

Moving fast-forward to today I travel the world and collaborate with the most amazing local craftspeople to bring our designs to life. M&Otto Design to me is a fountain of beauty, creativity and delight. My business brings me to fascinating places, allows me to meet inspiring people and introduces me to the world’s variety of beauty. I translate all of this inspiration into our designs, to bring a touch of nomadic chic to your home, hoping it will nourish your senses and replenish your soul as much as it does mine.

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